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above: Motherwell via Design Crisis

above: MINAKANI Design Studio

above: Josef Albers album cover

above: Studio Violet Katta

above: Hugo Guinness linoleum prints at Jayson Home and Garden

above: Sulki Choi and Min Choi

above: Partners & Spade

above: vintage Portuguese book cover design via DESIGN LOVE FEST

above: Emil Ruder

above: Koichi Sato, Dress of Japan “Seisei-an” 1987


a hat from A Wild Tonic on Etsy

We bought a pair of vintage K700 stools from Craigslist last night.  Mine are white.

designed by Phillip Salmon, Hugh Hamilton and Rein Sossalou for Kinetics Furniture in 1969

more at:

Kitka Design Toronto

Aaron Able’s childhood Indianapolis home on Apartment Therapy

atomic INDY

Wouters Hendrix

Aaron Saucier chains necklace

Lee Angel Jewelry, Annelise necklace at Shopbop

All furniture from Craigslist and Ebay.

First image: Ikea Tromsnes bed, Danish nesting tables and Falster nightstand, black floral painting from Anthropologie

Second image: Ramseur dresser, teak lamp, Illum Wikkelso rocking chair, vintage brass mirrors and gilt frames

Picked up a vintage brass console table last night on Craigslist.  Came home to look up some information on the table and found out it is a vintage Mastercraft, 1970s.  I’ll be using it as a laptop table in the bedroom.

images via 1st Dibs