photographs by Cody Cobb via Jessica Svendsen





Fred Tomaselli

Hang Over, 2005

leaves, pills, acrylic, resin on wood panel, 84 x 120 inches

A wheat sheaf table and some cozy blankets from an estate sale.

above: vandyvintage

above: stepanka

above: jennyandpearl

above: StarShineVintage

above: lsjbantiquario

above: deepsouthtreasures

above: stephlovesben

We had to move the sofa to the other side of the living room to make room for these jade plants.  They are ridiculously large.

Switched out some art in the living room with some art copies.

Here’s what it looked like before.

above: vintage lamp from GoreeLane

above: macrame wall hanging by shavingkitsupplies

above: framed textile from RunJumpFall

above: rubberized basket from UpcycledHome

above: botanical chart from TheAbandonedSchool

above: cast iron sconces from ten22home

above: hook rug from boxofhollyhocks

vintage fall jacket from cheapopulance on Etsy

Picked up a couple carved African stools at the Randolph Street Market.  I don’t know much about them but I think the taller one is from Cameroon and the smaller stool is from Congo.